Are There Condo House Rules in NYC?

Yes, condo house rules exist just like house rules exist for co-ops. The original offering plan or bylaws typically authorize the condo board to create a reasonable set of rules and regulations for the building, typically concerning usage of the common areas of the building.

What Are Condo House Rules?

What Is a Condo or Co-Op Offering Plan in NYC Real Estate? (2019) | Hauseit®

Does the original offering plan contain the bylaws or house rules?

How Are Condo Rules in NYC Different vs Co-ops?

Coop vs Condo NYC — What’s the Difference Between Coops and Condos in New York City? (2019)

An onerous set of house rules is a red flag

How Are Condo House Rules Enforced?

Condo & Co-op Managing Agent Responsibilities in NYC (2019) | Hauseit®

Common charge liens are a last resort.

Sample House Rules and Regulations in a Condominium

Basement Bicycle Storage Facilities:

Basement Laundry Rooms:

Outdoor Ground Floor Areas:

Entrance Vestibules and Stair Halls:

Common Roof Areas House Rules:

Private Roof Area House Rules:

General Rules:

Leasing Policy:

Condo Sales Policy:

  1. Any transaction-related document-production is subject to a $200 fee payable to Managing Agent. This covers all requests for questionnaires and informational documents related to the Condo.
    2. To satisfy insurance requests from lending institutions (for evidence of Condo insurance), send request to Managing Agent, along with bank-required language for insurance certificate.
    3. In order to receive “closing letters” (First Refusal and Maintenance-Paid), seller must submit the following to Managing Agent:
    a. Notification that Owner requests Waiver of First Refusal as to Sale
    b. $150 minimum* processing fee PER PURCHASER along with a Credit Report consent form (*fee may increase depending on which background reports Board requires)
    4. New owners are responsible for a one-time non-refundable move-in fee of $500.
    5. Buyers must pay three months maintenance into Condo Reserve Fund.
    6. Buyers’ lawyer must file Power Of Attorney form (from Offering Plan page E-1 to E-2) with County Clerk and copy to Managing Agent.
    7. Buyers must deliver to management a page signed by tenants acknowledging they shall abide by the condominium’s House Rules.



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