How to Negotiate Real Estate Commissions in NYC

It’s much better to negotiate the listing agent commission vs the buyer agent commission because buyer agents represent 90% of all home buyers, which means you’ll want their full attention if you want your home to sell. It’s easier to convince a listing agent to take a haircut on their commission because of ancillary benefits from having a listing, such as enhanced branding and additional referral opportunities.

What Is the Typical Realtor Commission?

How to Negotiate with a Realtor on Commission in NYC (2019) | Hauseit®

Why Do Realtors Quote 6% as a Commission Rate?

What Is the Average Real Estate Commission Rate in NYC? How Real Estate Commissions Work in NYC

Can You Negotiate the Listing Agent Commission?

Should You Negotiate the Buyer Agent Fee?

How to Negotiate with Buyers as a FSBO Seller (2019) | Hauseit® FSBO Educational Series

Negotiating Commission for Dual Agency



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