Is It a Good Idea to Sell My House or Rent It out in NYC?

This is a question almost every home owner encounters at some point, whether it’s one year from when you purchased your dream home or twenty years down the road. We all have to move at some point whether we expect to or not. Perhaps it’s a new job opportunity across the world that you can’t turn down, or you’re about to have another kid and it’s simply too expensive to buy a four bedroom apartment in NYC. We’ll do an in-depth analysis in this article of whether it makes more sense to rent vs sell your apartment when it’s time to make the decision.

Why Should I Rent vs Sell My Home?

Fees to Rent vs Sell Your Home

NYC Coop Sublet Policy, Rules and Fees — What are the Rules and Fees for Subletting a Co-op in NYC?

Co-op Sublet Policies

When Should I Sell My House in NYC?

Should I Sell My House and Rent?

Can I Sell My House and Rent It Back?

Post-Closing Possession Agreement — How Does Post-Closing Possession Work in NYC Real Estate?

Sale Leaseback

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