Managing Agent Responsibilities for Condos & Co-ops in NYC

Having a reliable and effective managing agent is an essential requirement for the smooth operation of mid-size and large co-op and condo buildings in NYC. The responsibilities of building management include building maintenance, regulatory compliance monitoring, procuring and maintaining insurance policies and registrations, collecting maintenance and paying bills, handling owner complaints and maintaining books and records. Arguably the most important responsibility of a managing agent is to field multiple, competitive quotes for large building repairs such as elevator upgrades, roof or boiler replacement and facade work. How well your managing agent can control costs is even more important if you live in a small condo or co-op building since there are fewer owners to foot the repair bills.

Building Maintenance, Repairs and Alterations

Regulatory Compliance Monitoring

Insurance Policies, Permits and Registrations

Collect Maintenance and Pay Bills

Condo & Co-op Managing Agent Responsibilities in NYC (2019) | Hauseit®

Complaint Management

Maintain Books and Records

How to Hire a Managing Agent in NYC

Is Self-Management a Good Idea in NYC?

How to Hire a Managing Agent in NYC (2019) | Hauseit®

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