The All Cash Offer in NYC Explained

Submitting an all cash offer on a property in NYC offers a number of benefits including the possibility of a lower sale price and a quicker closing. More importantly, an all-cash offer will usually put you at the front of the line when it comes to the pecking order against competing buyers. This is especially valuable in the case of co-ops and hot listings. On average, you should expect to save money with an all cash offer. However, the size of the discount you may receive as a result of being all-cash varies by listing. This is because sellers have varying degrees of risk aversion, meaning that some sellers would still prefer a higher sale price from a financed buyer vs. a quicker and lower risk deal with a cash buyer.

Advantages of a Cash Offer in NYC

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Advantages to Buying a Co-op All Cash

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Disadvantages of a Cash Offer in NYC

Are All Cash Offers Non-Contingent?



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