Selling an Apartment Without a Broker in NYC

It’s far easier to sell an apartment in NYC without a broker than most real estate agents will care to admit. With that said, before listing your home FSBO on the internet it’s important to understand why brokers are relevant even for sellers who want to avoid paying a 6% broker commission. New York City has an entrenched two-agent real estate broker model, which means that most deals have two agents involved: a listing agent representing the seller and a buyer’s agentrepresenting the buyer. Over 75% of buyers in NYC work with a buyer’s agent as a result. If you do not offer commission to a buyer’s agent as a seller, you will effectively squash the size of your potential pool of buyers to just 25% of the total buyer base. This has ramifications for the amount of demand you receive, the number of potential offers you receive, your sale price, how quickly you sell and whether you sell at all.

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