The Offer to Purchase Real Estate Form in NYC

The offer to purchase real estate form comes in various forms in New York, and can vary based on the brokerage firm. Furthermore, it’s quite uncommon to see offer to purchase forms used in the first place, especially in NYC. In practice, most offers are typically simply submitted by buyers and buyer’s agents via email to the listing agent or seller.

How Do You Make an Offer to Purchase Real Estate in NYC?

In New York City, buyers typically make an offer to purchase real estate through their real estate agent, commonly referred to as the buyer’s agent. The buyer’s agent typically submits an offer on behalf of the customer via an email to the listing agent, or seller’s agent.

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What constitutes a complete offer submission?

A thorough offer submission typically includes the following items:

  • Full address of the target property
  • The amount being offered to purchase the property
  • The anticipated amount of the buyer’s down payment
  • Home buyer contingencies to be negotiated into the contract, if any
  • Any specific inclusions or exclusions of furniture, fixtures, etc.
  • Preferred closing date, if any
  • Short home buyer biography or professional profile
  • REBNY Financial Statement (attached)
  • Loan pre-approval letter (attached), if financing
  • Buyer’s attorney contact information
  • Buyer’s debt to income ratio and anticipated post-closing liquidity, if purchasing a co-op

Is There a Standard Real Estate Offer Form in NY?

There is not a standard real estate offer form in New York, and even less so in NYC. Most buyer’s agents will submit an offer on behalf of a buyer client by email, without ever bothering to fill out any sort of submit offer form.

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Is a Real Estate Counter Offer Form Necessary?

No, just as it’s unnecessary to use any sort of submit offer form for your initial offer submission, it’s even less necessary to fill out some sort of an offer submission form again for every counter-offer you make.

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Offer to Purchase Real Estate Template for New York

As we’ve previously discussed, you might encounter variations of the below sample offer to purchase real estate template, depending on the brokerage firm. We’ve included a sample offer to purchase form you might see in Brooklyn, New York.

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