Home Buyers Guide for NYC: Tips for Buying Properties in NYC

What are the main steps for buying a home in NYC? What do you need to know before embarking on the home buying process in New York City? The following Home Buying 101 course is free of charge and written by seasoned real estate professionals with years of experience in the field. Please leave a comment if you have more questions!

Does it make sense to buy vs rent in NYC?

Benefits of Mortgage Debt

What is the Mortgage Recording Tax (MRT) in New York City? (2019) | How Much is the MRT in NYC?

What Type of Home Should I Buy?

The Team You’ll Need to Assemble

Hauseit NYC Buyer Closing Credit | Save Money When Buying a Condo, Co-op or House in New York City

How to Find the Perfect Home

Overview of the Offer Process

How to Make an Offer on a Co-op Apartment in NYC — Steps For Making an Offer on a NYC Co-op (2019)

Contract Review and Due Diligence

Contract Signing

Condo or Coop Board Approval

How to Receive Condo or Co-op Board Approval (2019) | Hauseit® FSBO Educational Series

Finalizing Your Mortgage

What to Expect on Closing Day

NYC Closing Costs for Buyers — What are Estimated Closing Costs for Buyers in New York City? (2019)

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