How do real estate agents measure co-op apartment square footage?

Co-op square footage in NYC is a controversial topic for buyers, sellers and brokers. This is because the vast majority of co-op apartments for sale do not have official square footage figures listed in the building’s Offering Plan. Because there is no official square footage figure for most co-ops and there are a multitude of ways to measure square footage, the square footage of a co-op is open to interpretation. Sellers and brokers are hesitant to represent an official square footage for a co-op, as this could open them up to disputes and/or litigation from a buyer who is looking for an easy way to get out of a deal or simply cause trouble. Furthermore, there are a multitude of ways to actually measure square footage. For example, square footage can be measured from interior to interior walls, exterior to exterior walls, interior to exterior walls or some combination of these methods. Furthermore, many condo buildings will increase individual apartment square footages by apportioning some of the building’s common space to each unit.

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