What to Watch out for with Real Estate Agents

The most important things when it comes to what to watch out for with real estate agents are high pressure sales tactics, lying, passivity, lack of responsiveness, argumentativeness and a general lack of ethics. We’ll discuss the classic signs that you should run from whether you’re buying or selling and much more in this article.

Signs of a Bad Buyers Agent

Can’t answer simple questions about the process

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Doesn’t mention anything about closing costs

Doesn’t explain that new developments have additional closing costs

Doesn’t explain that closing costs are negotiable

Refuses to go to any showings


Signs of a Bad Selling Realtor

Is unresponsive and uncommunicative

Is argumentative or combative

Is passive vs active in responses to inquiries

Doesn’t make an effort in marketing the property

Real Estate Agent Pressure Tactics

Prices will just keep rising

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You only have until tomorrow to make a decision

Sneaky Real Estate Agent Tricks

Lying about multiple offers

Lying about being excluded from the other offer

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