Why aren’t NYC flat fee MLS listings more common?

NYC Flat Fee MLS Reason One: Lack of Commission Competition

Although NYC has over 30,000 agents and many thousands of listings at any given time, the industry is far less competitive than it may appear from the surface. This is because a large proportion of all agents and listings are controlled by a handful of large and dominant brokerages in the city.

NYC Flat Fee MLS Reason Two: Agents Enforce the Status Quo

The traditional school of thought suggests that although the vast majority of licensed real estate agents don’t close any deals in a given year and price fixing at 5–6% in real estate sales commissions per given sale only benefits a handful of stars, the masses of agents who don’t close deals still protect the status quo because of hope that they could potentially become one of these high earning star agents.

NYC Flat Fee MLS Reason Three: Lack of an Official NYC Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

An alternative explanation for why NYC flat fee MLS listings are so rare is because NYC doesn’t have an official MLS nor a dominant NAR (National Association of Realtors) affiliated local trade organization in New York City.

Looking for a NYC Flat Fee MLS Service? Buyer Beware!

What typically happens when an unsuspecting NYC FSBO home seller purchases a package from a large, national “for sale by owner” company is that the company will list the seller’s NYC home in the New York State MLS, the Long Island MLS or some other irrelevant MLS which none of the brokers in NYC actually use.

Beware of “national” For Sale By Owner websites promising to list you on your local MLS in all 50 states

Work with NYC’s Best and Most Trusted Flat-Fee MLS Provider

Many of these large, national “for sale by owner” websites don’t even hide the fact that the listing is essentially a FSBO deal, even if it is listed on some MLS (likely an irrelevant one). Oftentimes, these FSBO companies watermark all of the owner’s photos and add the company’s URL to the listing descriptions.

Sell FSBO for a Flat Fee or List with a Full Service Agent for Just 1%

Hauseit is the only listing company in NYC able which offers intelligent sellers two options for significantly reducing or eliminating NYC real estate commissions altogether.



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