Why Isn’t Your Apartment Isn’t Selling in NYC?

Sellers in NYC are often under the impression that the sale process is quick and easy, and it’s easy to understand why many sellers have high expectations. After all, there are countless newspaper and online articles which talk about NYC bidding wars and apartments achieving ever higher sale prices. While it’s true that there are many apartments in NYC which sell quickly, there are countless others which have a much more difficult sale timeline. The truth is that not all apartments in NYC are natural candidates for bidding wars. Here are 9 reasons why your apartment isn’t selling.

Your Apartment Is Overpriced

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Your Apartment Is Generic

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Your Monthlies Are Too High

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Your Home Is Not Staged Well

You Have Poor Photos

There Is No Floor Plan on Your Listing

Your Building Is Too Strict

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There Is Lots of Competing Inventory

Your Building Has Financing Issues



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